Survivor Testimonies

A true Survivor Story: This program was written by a victim for a victim. Restoring Identity one heart at a time. A Victim NO MORE!

What We Stand For

Survivor Testimonies

Our multi-layered program offers profound moments of self-awareness for each participant to give themselves permission to feel beyond the surface.

Throughout this journey, a merely surviving evolves into learning to really live by processing and working through triggers. Allowing themselves to break the cycle and create healthy boundaries, participants learn a new identity while developing a new self-worth and freedom from silence.

As they create a new culture & way of life, their participation in our Equine Restoration Program allows them to begin connecting the dots & missing pieces of their story.

Suppressed trauma & tragedy are uncovered and restored as they’re guided through a safe space and equipped with a multitude of tools. Working with the horse provides trust, a sense of belonging and opens up lines of communication to renew and restore their soul.

This process creates a community of awareness, forgiveness and moves them from Trauma to Transformation. This is a time to re-write their story as they now identify that they are a true OVERCOMER!


What We Stand For

The heartbeat of Kings Gate Ranch is to create a place filled with life, an arena for growth, a culture of healing, a platform for restoration and a promise of new beginnings.

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