Kings Gate Ranch

Kings Gate Ranch is providing places of safety. Places of life, laughter, hope, and promise for new beginnings.

Kings Gate Ranch is here to serve our local community as well as abroad. We are joining forces to lead others through multiple avenues of Education, Empowerment, and Enrichment.

Our vision is to create a place filled with life, an arena for growth, a culture of healing, a platform for restoration and a promise of new beginnings.

A VOICE for the


Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program
Restoration Riding Center
Cowboy Church
Boarding Facility
At-Risk Youth/ Foster Youth Community
Covered Arena/Equine Event Center

Our efforts will help our local community as well as abroad.

Sex Trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world. Sexual Abuse is a widespread plague and rapidly growing.

Kings Gate Ranch exist to create awareness, Break the Cycle, Restore Identity, and Activate Prevention for those who have endured trauma, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Through our proprietary equine restoration program we offer those affected; a light through the darkness, hope through the pain and a voice through the silence.

Recently we launched our Capital Campaign, In It To X Prevent It for the purpose of raising funds to rescue and restore more lives worldwide.

Throughout our Capital Campaign, we are connecting with donors, sponsors, and potential investors to come alongside, join the fight and lock arms to walk out this Kingdom Purpose.

We invite you to capture the vision of KINGS GATE RANCH as well as engage in the mission to take those affected, from trauma to transformation through the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program.

Kings Gate Ranch will build our first Facility. Each Ranch will offer multiple avenues of healing and all locations will be the home of the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program.

Transformation will manifest through connecting God, Equine and the Colors of Hope Restoration Program.

Through our Equine Restoration Program, we are Eliminating Excuses, Reducing Risks, Raising awareness & Creating Identity. Breaking the cycle & finding freedom from the silence is just a piece of each survivor’s story as they walk out their healing journey.

WHo We are

King's Gate Ranch

Kings Gate Ranch is dedicated to providing multiple avenues of education, empowerment and enrichment. Kings Gate Ranch will create a culture of healing and complete restoration through a community of serving others.

We believe in the horse as much as the human because the horse is a God-given tool that reflects so much into the human soul. The soul is where growth & restoration begin and where our true identity develops.

We will be able to provide hope through our retreats, conferences, events and camps, as well as our storefront & coffee company.

Kings Gate Ranch is the home of the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program, which will equip & prevent individuals from returning to sexual abuse, sex trafficking and a lifestyle of trauma.

Youth retreats, camps, and outdoor activities will serve the youth in the communities surrounding Kings Gate Ranch Facilities.

Through avenues of life, leadership, healing and new beginnings, we will venture alongside each individual at every stage of their healing and growth.

The Colors of Hope Equine Restoration Program is designed to intricately walk through peeling back the layers to support the survivor through from trauma to transformation.

Through our many programs and events we will serve communities, organizations, volunteers, pastors, churches, foster, at-risk youth, businesses and corporations.

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Breaking the Cycle – Creating Healthy Boundaries – Teaching Life Skills – Processing through Triggers
Restoring Identity – Giving Freedom from Silence – Developing Self Worth – Uncovering their Voice

Offer a safe Environment – Provide Perseverance Tools – Teach Communication Skills -Provide job skills and placement

Create Awareness beyond boundaries – Develop and avenue of attainable Resources – Build Knowledge and Equip with Tools – Create alternative Sustainable Income
Provide Rest and Rejuvenation – Enhance Confidence and Value – Encourage Resilience and Motivation- Develop stronger Team Environment

From creating Identity in the Victim to pouring into the Leaders of those who watch over the survivor. The Colors of Hope Program will run daily at The Restoration Riding Center which will be equipped to assist in multiple areas of trauma.

The Event Center & Retreat Center will hold Colors of Hope Events and be available for public access and use. A Cowboy Church will be operating daily on the ranch. A fully equipt Boarding Facility will operate year-round to produce residual income.

Kings Gate Ranch will also be able to touch and change the lives of those worldwide by creating sustainable income and stability by providing jobs to those involved in our international storefront.

Youth retreats, camps sporting events and outdoor activities will serve at-risk youth in the communities will be held frequently. These are just a few of the amazing things Kings Gate Ranch have planned.

With the Colors of Hope Equine Restoration program, we will be able to re-write the story for sex trafficking, sexual abuse and trauma victims bringing new hope and offering complete restoration.

Together we are building this ranch to break the cycle and restore the broken. A place of true healing. A place where they are a victim no more. A place to become an OVERCOMER!

We would like to invite you in. Will you be a part of the story?

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