Equine Restoration

Horses are a reflection of one’s soul: strong, powerful, beautiful.

– Jodie Webb

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Equine Restoration Programs

Equine Enrichment focuses on improving the quality of one’s life. Forging a relationship with horses is empowering and can bring miraculous results, especially those that have been exposed to trauma.
Horses often and easily hold the attention of a human, becoming a living sounding board to interact with, while also teaching important partnership skills. The relationship with a horse can only enrich ones emotional healing.

Our equine restoration program is full of spiritual mentoring and guidance-based equine learning. Each individual is taught how to trust God in their achievements when working with their horse.

Horses encourage healthy living, education, and development. Our equine restoration program can build lifelong friendships, teach valuable lessons and create a strong community of support that can’t be gained just anywhere.

The need for participants to spend time outside with one of the world’s most beautiful animals is greater now than ever before.

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Equine Restoration

Kindness is powerful & Hope is here

Horses have always been a thread of hope, a glimmer of light and a connection of kindness running through the lives of Kings Gate Ranch Founders, Jodie Webb and Joanna Tones as well as her children. Jodie and Joanna are all too familiar with sexual abuse and sex trafficking. From childhood to adolescence horses were a light in the darkness.  God has used horses to bring comfort, create a safe-place and offer an arena for healing and restoration.  

As a team, they have created a Kingdom Partnership with the desire and believe that every individual affected by sexual abuse, sex trafficking and trauma need freedom from the silence.  With God’s love, dedicated care teams, and this equine program; restoration is possible! The Kings Gate Ranch program was written to progressively transform and rehabilitate participants in their mind, will, and emotions…spirit, soul, and body.

Research has shown that horse interaction is related to lowering blood pressure, heart rate, diminishing stress levels, and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is also beneficial in helping people overcome fear and develop confidence.

Equine Restoration Program

​Our Equine Restoration Program is created with a strategic “layering” process to provide individuals who have been affected by sexual abuse, sex trafficking and trauma the greatest advantage to heal and be restored for the rest of their lives.
We understand the complexity of peeling back layers of the human soul. We’ve designed our program to mirror that process by utilizing the horse as a tool to reflect the human soul. The Equine Restoration Program establishes self-respect, self-love, boundaries, and trust.


Horse & Human

In the midst of bringing horse & human together hope, trust, love and self-respect is established. These beautiful hearts begin to desire truth, connection and relationship.
Each person is not just paired with a horse, but given the opportunity to choose. This allows the participant to bond better with their chosen horse. This helps them understand what caring for another being is like and it gives them a sense of peace as well. So, naturally, we teach them how to care for their new four-legged friends! This may include feeding, bathing, and brushing. In due time, as each participant progresses, they may be able to experience riding the horse. Horseback training is used to help an individual learn how to actively control a horse, while riding. It is shown to improve sensory and motor skills for coordination, balance and posture.
Our program places emphasis on the value of relationship and helps to recreate what a heart-healthy and nurturing connection actually looks like.
Participants quickly learn that horses are in fact a mirror of the human soul!

"I have a voice!"

"We offer an Equine Restoration Program that takes survivors of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and trauma from a story of immense pain and silence to a heart filled with freedom and transformation."


Each rescued heart deserves the opportunity to be fought for!

Our multi-layered program offers profound moments of self-awareness for each participant to give themselves permission to feel beyond the surface. Throughout this journey merely surviving evolves into learning to really live by processing and working through triggers. Allowing themselves to break the cycle and create healthy boundaries, participants learn a new identity while developing a new self-worth and freedom from silence.
As they create a new culture & way of life, their participation in our Equine Restoration Program allows them to begin connecting the dots & missing pieces of their story.
Suppressed trauma & tragedy are uncovered and restored as they’re guided through a safe space and equipped with a multitude of tools. Working with the horse provides trust, a sense of belonging and opens up lines of communication to renew and restore their soul. This process creates a community of awareness, forgiveness and moves them from Trauma to Transformation. This is a time to re-write their story as they now identify that they are a true OVERCOMER!

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"When I am with horses, I am not shy, weak or empty. When I'm riding, no matter how many times I might fall, I'm not broken. I'm safe."

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